Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Pendants & Class Date Correction

Oops, I gave the wrong date for my first class it is on the 13th of December not the 10th. So, I'm taking advantage and adding some pics of new pieces I've made.
"Other-worldly Landscape"
Dragonsvein & sterling silver herringbone drop pendant

Monday, November 24, 2008

December Crazy!

Hi everybody,
Just thought I should talk a little bit about what I have on my plate for December, besides the holiday madness. You know shopping, picking the right gift for everyone, returning the wrong gift, oh yeah, and more shopping. Then of course there's Christmas Cards, of which I am horrible at. Maybe this year I can write up one of those Christmas letters I get and actually get them posted, tee hee.
Sooo. The first weekend in December, besides volunteering at our local rock museum (Crater Rock Museum), I will be having my first open house show for Christil Creations. On Saturday, Dec. 10th I am giving my first wire wrapping class and then on Saturday, December 20th I am giving another class for Roxy Anne Gem & Mineral Society. I haven't decided yet what I'm teaching on the 10th, but on the 20th I'm teaching the Herringbone Wrap. I've already got people chomping at the bit so wish me luck.
Also, I have two people who want commission pieces.
Lucky for me I have no shows or bazaars for this month because I think I'm going to be pretty busy! I'm not sure if I'll be posting until after turkey day since I'm setting up for the open house so
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, the picture still isn't the best, but, this is one of my first pieces. I named it "Turquiose x 3" since I used what at the time I thought was three types of turquoise - Tabetan, American and African. I have since found out that African turquiose is not turquiose and who knows about the others, but I'm not renaming it. You can't see the wire wrap around the white focal bead but it's there.
I'll post more when I find the pictures I took, tee hee. Lost somewhere in chris space.


O.K. This is one more thing on my list of to do's that I am getting ta done! I'm new at all this stuff so pleasssse bear with me.
Yeah, I woke up today and after my large cup of white chocolate latte,mmmm, I made a piece of jewelry and decided I'd better take that jump and get a Blog started. The peeps at WWJ group are all talkin about their blogs and the follow button and so on & so on. Soooo, this computor challenged person is going to give it a try.
So I'll see you next time, after I do some work on my blog.