Wednesday, September 9, 2009

contest blues

Well! I haven't even placed in one of the contests I've entered, yet. I know I'm knew at this & of course I'm just starting out in the design business, but wow, rejection still hurts. My business is moving along slowly, well, actually I'm moving along slowly. Life keeps getting in the way. My health, money, transportation, yada yada yada. But, I keep on keepin on & maybe I might just get an honorable mention sometime soon in one of these contests. I'm doing what I can to get my name out there. Tommorrow I go to greeters from the Chamber of Commerce & I'm nervous, I don't do well in front of strangers & of course, Mom has been really pumpin up my jewelry. EEEE! Sorry, I had to yell I know I'll be ok, just gotta get up there & do it that's what they say. So, that's it for now. Let you all know how I did soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Wellllll! I'm back sure haven't been keeping up with this blog. I just can't seem to remember I need to do something here at least weekly. But, life enterfers and then the memory goes & I can't even call it oldtimer's disease, yet, I think anyway.

So, it's Labor Day Weekend already! My summer just disappeared on my. I have entered a few contests. Haven't won anything , yet, but i keep on tyring and maybe I will.

I went to a few sale events & didn't do great, but I didn't lose money.

Gotta go my puppies wanting attention.