Friday, February 27, 2009


It has been a longggggg time I know. I'm very sorry. I've been feeling very sorry for myself and have been neglecting a few things I should be keeping up on. Here's what's been going on. I have brochial asthma and I live in a valley that has an air pollution problem and at times in the winter it gets very bad. Sooo, needless to say I came down with acute severe bronchitis. The Dr. gives me prednisone(a steriod) that drives me bonkers, makes me depressed (you get the picture). It also causes my immune system to become deficient - that's right - I get sick whenever I come in contact with someone else who is sick. So I have to stay shut up with no company unless you are positive you are not contagious. I have been sick forever!!!!!!

I have done some wirework and I'll try to get some pics up.

I can't promise I'll do better, but I will try.


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